AMCIP 2020, The year 2019

Christmas is a great time to look back upon the gone year and rejoice upon the happy moments. For AMCIP 2020 the year has gone very fast with lots of moments to cherish. In February we elected a new board and in May we elected our members. Fast forward to August where we traveled to Stockholm to sell and hang out which was a great start to our year where we got to know each other. Since then we’ve held a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas get together. The board has continued it’s work guiding us to North America and the members have done a great job selling advertisements to fund the association. To see more on what we’ve done and what we will be doing the coming year, follow our social media on Instagram and Facebook at “amcip.chalmers” and “AMCIP International Program”.

Lastly AMCIP 2020 would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are searching for board members for AMCIP 2019!

A year flies by quickly and its now time for us to find the board for AMCIP 2019! The board consists of 6 different positions, the Chairman, two Internship Coordinators, a Sales Manager, a Treasurer and an Editor. More information on what these different positions entitle and the responsibilities they have can be found at “ansökan och information” under “About us”. There you can also find all the information about what to include in your application and any other information you might need!

Some dates that are good to keep in mind: 

Info-lunch: 8/2 at 12.00 – Information about AMCIP, what we do and the different positions.

Info-pub: 15/2 at JA Pripps – An opportunity to ask questions and meet the different board members on a more personal basis.

Application date: 23/2 at 23.59

Interviews: 26/2-28/2

To stay up to date on everything going on and the different events make sure to like our facebook page!

Vi söker medlemmar!

Vi i styrelsen 2018 befinner oss just nu i processen att hitta nya medlemmar! Viktiga datum att hålla koll på är:

  • 20 April 17.30  – Amcip håller infopub i Golden-I
  • 23 April 12.00 – Deadline CV-inlämning (Ansökan)
  • 24-26 April – Intervjuer

För mer information kan du klicka dig fram till ”Ansökan och Information”.

Vi söker ny styrelse!

I Juni lämnar vi Sverige och innan dess kommer en ny styrelse och medlemmar att väljas in. Nedan finns några viktiga datum att notera:

  • 6 Februari 09:00 – 12:00 – Amcip svarar på frågor utanför café Bulten
  • 9 Februari 12:00 – 13:00 – Lunchföreläsning, information styrelsen, HA3
  • 17 Februari – Deadline CV-inlämning (Ansökan)
  • 20-24 Februari – Intervjuer

För mer information kan du klicka dig fram till “Ansökan och Information”.